CoronaCrush Virtual Speed Dating Event

Sunday, December 20, 2020

6:00 PM MST

In partnership with CoronaCrush, Shabbat Spot is bringing you a virtual speed dating event like no other! Participate in fun and fast 7 min speed dates, set up with your preferences from a database of thousands of Jewish singles.

The CoronaCrush story begins at the end of March 2020 (just as lockdown was beginning) with 6 friends joining forces in an effort to help their single Jewish friends meet during quarantine. CoronaCrush has scheduled 8,000+ speed dates and sent out 4,000+ matches.

*Register by December 16th


Fill out our form HERE

Participants will go on up to 7 speed dates, each lasting 7 minutes.

The CoronaCrush algorithm selects participants based on the number of potential matches who signed up. Our goal is to include as many people in this event as possible. As more people fill out the speed dating form, your number of potential dates increases. This is your cue to invite your friends!
Your dates are selected based on your survey answers. You won’t be matched with anyone who falls outside of your selected preferences for age, gender, location, or level of religious observance.
All participants are provided a form where they can mark “Yes” or “No” to each match. After the event (usually within 24 hours), we send out intro emails to everyone who matched. If you did not get an email within 24 hours, it means either we’re still waiting for your dates to fill out their form or that you did not have any mutual matches in the event.
The feedback has been very positive and around 50% of all participants have had at least 1 match when participating in an event. Considering events are only about an hour long, we think it’s a good investment of your time.